“The Mead Barrel”

- Unique gift idea from Mjødgård
- It is every persons right to have at least one Meadbarrel!!! :-)

The Mead Barrel

5 Liters oak barrel inclusive Mead.
Do it yourself kitchen set, inclusive instruction manual.

Most people are not used to oakbarrels in their household but they are decorative, unique and they give an extraordinary taste experience…

Fill a barrel with Mead and get access to a quality you can’t purchase for money.
Simply open the tap on the barrel to taste incredible tones of Mead
- Ready to tap after only 6 months
- Good things are worth waiting for.

“The Mead Barrel”
- French high quality 5 liter Oak barrel, fine grain oak, medium roasted and oil treated.
- Hand engraved Mjødgård logo
- 5 Liters of Mead – choose from any of our brews.
- Simple instruction manual
- Free delivery to DK addresses
- Size: With 23cm (9 inch) Length 29 cm (11,4 inch)

Price: 2500 DKK