Traditional Nordic Mead

Authentic Mead
At Mjødgård, we strive to make authentic mead, with methods that were used since
the time of the Vikings.

Mild Taste
We produce mead with a mild taste, often flavored with Nordic flowers, fruit or berries.
It is moderately sweet.

Wild Herbs
Where possible we pick the herbs our-selves.
We use local apiculturists, to make sure the honey is of Danish ecological quality.

Viking Liqueur
Mead was the Vikings' fortified wine. 
The taste is often compared to Sherry.
It is made from honey, water and yeast. Flowers, berries or fruit can be added.

Mead is not beer
There is no foam, and neither hops nor malt is used.

The New Nordic Kitchen
Mjødgård brewery was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating gourmet mead. 
We are situated on the edge of National-park Mols Bjerge.
We see ourselves as part of the New Nordic Kitchen.